If I were an art critic

                (From the book Angelblazer’s Ark)

        If I were an art critic, I would write the following:
       « The study of art history should strive to transcend the boundaries of familiarity and immerse itself in the vast ocean of undiscovered talent that is hidden within the depths of time. By breaking free from the chains of repetition, we can rediscover forgotten geniuses who have long been overshadowed by the fame of renowned personalities. As art historians, it is our duty to embrace the diversity and richness of artistic expression, … Read more..


Provide the child with a sense of stability and self-importance. This is where the true strength and love of a parent lie.
Verily, imprint upon thy consciousness: one ought to eternally contemplate the global vista, whilst enacting on the local terrain—thus shall manifest triumph in minor objectives, inexorably culminating in grandiose fruition.
Political society always loves the victors, while it ruthlessly tramples and kicks the defeated in the soul.
By Vlad Angelblazer,16.09.2023


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«East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet? »


               The Political Philosophy on the Difference of Mentalities in
               Modern Diplomacy with Metamonk. Buyan Island, the Kingdom of
                Glorious Saltan, April 11, 2023.

       At the beginning of this year, we all witnessed a complete failure of the international policies of the leaders of the European Union towards China and Russia. The question arises: why is this happening and is it due to a natural historical misunderstanding of the nature of Eastern international relations, or is it simply the … Read more..

Esquimalt Lagoon in Greater Victoria

                By Vladmir Angelblazer

       Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Vancouver Island lies a hidden gem that beckons both nature enthusiasts and dreamers alike: Esquimalt Lagoon in Greater Victoria. This enchanting stretch of coastline, although not lacking in competition, stands as a testament to its unique charm. Attempting to put the splendor of Esquimalt Lagoon into words is akin to describing a reverie turned reality.
       Stretching for several hundred meters, its sands are a canvas of softness, where every step leaves an imprint of serenity. Here, whimsical driftwood creations … Read more..

Вакцинация 2021 и Нюрнбергский кодекс 1947

Весь прошлый год ознаменовался двумя главными мировыми событиями: Семидесятипятилетием победы во Второй Мировой войне над Германским нацизмом и Глобальной Пандемией, так называемой «Корона вирус 19». Я так понимаю, что 2021 будет проходить как борьба народонаселения планеты с нарушителями Нюрнбергского трибунала, который выработал 10 этических принципов защиты людей, чтобы не повторился нацизм и геноцид.
       Уважаемый читатель забыл или не знает – что такое «Нюрнбергский Кодекс», но вот Всемирной организации здравоохранения ООН и главам государств, активно принявшихся за вакцинацию своих народов не до конца исследованной биохимической жидкостью, следует напомнить. И это напоминание должно звучать от каждого … Read more..

2017 BC Provincial Sea Cadet Qualifying Regatta

Every year the Royal Canadian Sea Cadets across the country have a national sailing regatta hosted at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario. Before competing at the final event in Kingston, cadets from every region must qualify at the regional regatta to move forward. This year the regional event for British Columbia is hosted at the “South Vancouver Island Cadet Nautical Training Site” in Esquimalt Harbour, and out of the 40 sailors that compete, only 20 can qualify in the Provincial Qualifier so that they may participate in the National Qualifier next spring, and finally the best 8 sailors Read more..

2015 Van Isle 360 Aboard SC70 “Westerly” – Dueling 70s

Two Santa Cruz 70s, Neptune’s Car and Westerly, entered in this year’s Vancouver Island 360 International Yacht Race. Each of the 9 legs of the race became a tense match, with the crews of each yacht pushing each other to sail their best, team Westerly finished in first place overall.

Music by Gramatik; “A Bright Day”, and “Victory”.

Filmed and edited by Vassili Angelblazer.

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