Fat and Lazy: Analysis of Casey Neitstat’s daily routine

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I like the way he describes most people/Snapchat at 0:36

“You could build a city with all the free time people spend sitting around being bored, sending me snaps, of themselves, sitting around, being bored.”

Important to keep in mind that his definition of “work” is anything that is contributing to the creative process. Besides sitting at a desk working, there is also: travelling, having deep productive conversations with other people, team meetings, and all the while, Casey is also filming.

Even when he goes for a run, he brings a camera, it adds to his daily blog. Everything is connected since every task also indirectly helps him progress in another. Casey’s weekly schedule is an upward spiral of hard work that results in great success. It’s just inevitable that someone hustling, that, freaking, hard, is going to be rewarded by their work.


In Stephen Covey’s book, “The 7 habits of highly effective people”, the 6th habit is synergy. That’s key but looking at a daily schedule like Casey Neitstat’s, you can be inspired but equally demoralized when trying to emulate the same thing.

“How am I supposed to work that hard? I need sleep, I’m too lazy, and I wish I had the drive to hustle like Casey every day.”

For someone like Casey, it’s easier for him to go about his day in the way that he does than it would be for him to sit on the couch watching TV or sleeping in.

The reason is that instead of having the habit of being lazy, the pattern of switching his mind off, he has the exact opposite. And the only difference is that he put in the effort to change his routines to develop positive habits that help him attain his goals.

Basically, you only need enough energy to develop a positive habit; everything after that is autopilot.

And the first habit, I think we all need to develop, is the practice of changing our habits. Analysing our lives, thinking about what you/I’m doing right now, and ask “does this help me achieve my goals?” If not, drop it, try to do something else.

How? One of the easiest ways to drop a bad habit is to replace it with a positive one. For example: sipping water when you crave a can of pop, switching to a different productive task when you notice yourself losing focus, or counter-intuitively going for a run when feeling drowsy.

There’s more, you can tell by watching the video that Casey has a very strong passion for his work. He explains this at 06:00. There’s no way someone would work so hard without a greater purpose, some sort of goal greater than yourself, lasting beyond your death, something that when achieved would affect those around you and future generations to come.

For Elon Musk that is to save mankind from extinction. For Casey it’s to create art, share it with the world, and to encourage others to follow him in creative self-expression.

So… What is it for you? What is your purpose? Dig deep within yourself to find it out. If you don’t know yet, try different things, take different classes, read interesting books, dabble in different sports and hobbies until you find your passion. A passion that, just the thought of, keeps you awake at night, restless, pushing you to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

WORK: To exert one’s self for a purpose, to put forth effort for the attainment of an object, to be engaged in the performance of a task, duty, or the like.

~Black’s Law Dictionnary

As I understand it today; when I reach a level where I have the freedom and ability to execute (more options), my life’s purpose will be absolutely clear. So until then, I’m going to pursue the things I care about with as much passion as I can muster to grow in the process, and I expect to fall off the path at times, but with enough momentum short lapses will become ever shorter. Until the path ahead is ever clearer. I will be presented with hard life altering choices and when I meet them I need to have completed the necessary work leading up to the moment to face them as my best self and make the right decisions.

Opportunities can pass you by if you aren’t in a stage in your life where you can take advantage of them.

That’s why for so many, winning the lottery can be the worst thing that ever could happen to them. They have all the opportunity but no idea what to do with it. And they spiral down into quick fix pleasures, devolving, depressed, and purposeless.

If you’re the type of person interested in this blog post, I think between us we have something very powerful; an encouraging culture of support, and an expectation of each other to evolve in some way. Often when someone starts to make changes in their life, it is scrutinized and brought down by those around them because it exposes those people’s own weaknesses. Makes them realize they’ve stagnated, makes them afraid. I don’t feel that from you and I greatly appreciate you for it. And although I might risk sounding like another self-development junkie, I really want the best for us all. Especially for when I fall off my path, you can be an example and reminder of where I should be, and we can push each other.

And that’s pretty neat, I guess.

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